Parties & Events

Throw a Memorable Party for Your Loved Ones!

Games N Tap is an ideal venue to host a party or an event. We understand how your only goal is to offer your guests a memorable experience to remember for life. And tryst us that Games N Tap does their best to make it happen. It was the old days when people enjoyed dinner parties at restaurants, but now people look forward to parties and events as an escape from their boring everyday routine. Our place is perfect for throwing a Birthday party, Baby shower, Bachelorette party or any event that you want to be filled with excitement and fun activities.

By throwing a party at Games N Tap, you offer your guests a day where they can play games, have food and drinks, enjoy music and much more. Unlike other venues, we offer everything under one roof. Our venue is perfect for family events, as the kids love fun activities, and it keeps them engaged while adults can have their time enjoying sports bars, mocktails and music. That’s not all Games N Tap is designed with activities for all age groups, so at this venue, no one is left to bored.

To make a booking, feel free to contact the team of Games N Tap and throw a party that becomes the talk of the town!


We have Shake-A-Day for anyone 18 or older and we offer 10% discount for military, first responders, and police officers.

The Happy’s Corner is not available on Friday nights, and there is an 18% gratuity added on to all parties.